Aviation, Heritage Train, Portrait and Classic Car Oil Paintings and for Gicleé  prints on paper or canvas to order.
'Gentlemen, start your engines.'
Tony Hulman, Indianapolis 500. 

The Wings Gallery and Wheels Gallery showcase paintings which have
made him much sought after
internationally for his Fine Art Prints, oil paintings
and for private and corporate commissions.


Bruce MacKay   GMA  AGAvA   ASAA

The Artist with Michael Portillo after having received the Royal Air Force Museum's Prize at the Aviation Paintings of the Year held at the Mall Galleries, London   
Bruce with Michael Portillo after having received the

Royal Air Force Museum Prize 

at the Guild of Aviation Artists Paintings of the Year Exhibition 2011 .
He won the same prize in
2012 2013 and  2015
 at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, Lon don.  

Ebola. Unsung Heroes. RAF Museum Award winning painting presented to 99 Squadron at Brize Norton in recognition of the Squadron's Ebola missions.
T he Royal Air Force Museum Prize 2015.      Ebola. Unsung Heroes.     Boeing C-17
In the collection of 99 Squadron. RAF Brize Norton

Bruce with a previus years exhibit at the Mall Galleries London W!



2021 Virtual Gallery for Guild of Aviation Artists Summer Exhibition

(due to the Chinese Covid)


Guild of Aviation Artists  Virtual Exhibition 2021

can be found at the Guild ofAviation Artists Website   gava.org.uk beginning 19th July 2021

HMS Queen Elizabeth with escorts on right type 45 Destroyer and on left type 25 Frigate with beast mode F35bp preparing for a rolling landing.  
RAF Dambusters F35b in beast mode preparing for a rolling landing on HMS Queen Elizabeth flanked on her right by a Type 45 destroyer and on her left a supply ship and a Frigate Type 23


 F35b Lightening 11 of 617 Squadron Dambusters LED show on the stormy deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth

Decoy.RAF Typhoon all tanked up and ready. Escorting a RAF C17 Port wing

Decoy. On guard and on duty. RAF Typhoon over the port wing of an RAF C17.

Typhoon all tanked up and on Duty escorting an RAF C17

RAF C17 displaying its flares.

Good Morning KabulRAF C17 take off.

Good morning Kabul and goodbye. RAF C17

Come on you redsRed Arrows, Ferrari F!, Silverstone, British Grand Prix.

Come on you reds.   Ferrari crew on the grid....above the Red Arrows just before the start of the British Grand Prix.


2019 The Mall Galleries Guild of Aviation Artists Exhibition with my  RAF Chinooks  

November Bravo      RAF Chinook.      Highly Commended. Royal Air Force Museum Award 2019

Allies.    American Marines F35b, RAF Chinook. HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Recce.  RAF Chinook.      In the National Collection of The Royal Air Force Museum.  

Rubber Ducking.      RAF Chinook floating  and  loading SBS rib.


Cheshire Homes (UK charity)

Leonard Cheshire VC visiting and marking the E-Boat Pens at Le Havre prior to D-Day 1944 in an RAF de Havilland Mosquito fighter bomber.
  Leonard Cheshire VC visiting Le Havre E Boat pens prior to D Day 1944. 
RAF de Havilland Mosquitoe fighter bomber
   One of 13 paintings by The Guild of Aviation Artists
depicting Leonard Cheshire's aviation life. One image on
each of 12 displays on behalf of the charity   
   Cheshire Disabilites which will travel the country beginning in July 2018.
   This celelebrates both the  centeneries  of the flyer and the RAF.
The display discriptions and models discribe his
   life will be seen at many locations in the UK includiing
 RAF Museums at Cosford and  Hendon

  Highly Commended. The Sir Georg e Edwards Memorial Plate.           
This painting won "Sir George Edwards Memorial Plate' for best painting depicting
'Excellence and Achievement in British Aviation' at the 2016 AvA Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries London.2016 
British Aerospace Hawk T2 

       In the collection of the Naval Aviation Museum. Pensacola FL  USA

 'Superior Mettle'
James V. Roy Award
for Best Art by an American Society of Aviation Artists Member 2014

          2014 International Aerospace Art Exhibition      
San Diego Air and Space Museum, San Diego, California
, USA .

''I flew that F-4 in Fighter Squadron 161 –now decommissioned- many times
from that deck as you have so expertly depicted. The picture is accurate
and to me invokes memories of my halcyon days''

                                                                   Bill Coll


Original pintings and Limited Edition Giclée Fine Art Prints to special order only.

You can select any image from the Aviaton paintings in the Wings Gallery for a print to order.

Latest paintings

Afgan poppies. Boeing Apachi.

Afgan Poppies.  Apache Attack Helicopters

Through the Mach Loop.  Typhoons over RAF Coningsby
Through the Mach Loop. Typhoons over RAF Coningsby.

Outward Bound. RAF Atlas.

Outward Bound. RAF Atlas.

Night Life. RAF Typhoon.

Night Life. RAF Typhoon.

Royal Aircraft Factory BE2

Royal Aircraft Factory BE2  Spotter and photo reconnaissance

Top Gun.     RAF 29 Squadron. Eurofighter Typhoon.

Merli's Den

Merlin's Den.   C17 loading a Merlin Helecopter

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Awesome.   RAF First 100 years.  Lookheed Martin F-35B  Lightning 11

Ebola. Unsung Heroes.  Boeing C-17

Ebola. Unsung Heroes.    RAF C17 Globemaster


Bristol Fighter

Wait for it.   Bristol F2 FIghter

Warfare over the trenches. FE8

Fighting at the front.    Royal Aircraft Faxtory FE8.

Whiskey & Soda. Mascots of the American volenteers of the Escadrille Lafayette

Whiskey & Soda.     Mascots of the American volenteers of the Escadrille Lafayette

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2016    British Aerospace Hawk T2 

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Shadow Dragon   de Haviland Dragon and Mallard


Jasta 61    Albatros

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Tight Spot   SE8

Poles over Lyme   RAF 307 Squadron (Polish) Mosquito
Flt/Lt Marian Francizek Koterla 307 Squadron RAF (Polish) Mosquito NF Mk XII Night Fighter over Lyme Regis.
I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course. I have kept the faith.

The Polish War Remorial.
RAF Northolt

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Night Owl   RAF Tornado

Hard Day's night. Boeing Sentry and below Dawn. Boeing C-17

 Hard Day's night ( top) Boeing Sentry        and  below   Dawn . C17 Globemaster

Rainbow Warrior   Avro Vulcan B2

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Original paintings and Fine Art Aviation Limited Edition Gicleé Prints
to special order

Sgned and numbered by the artist and limited to 100 prints worldwide.

All are printed by an award winning Master Printer, a member of The Fine Art Guild of Great Britain.

Please contact Bruce for details as all aviation images are individually printed and priced.

Please state whether you wish for Gicleé Archival Paper or Gicleé canvas.

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Frames and masks not included in price


Wheels G ALLER Y
 Original illustrations, paintings and
Fine Art  Limited Edition Gicleé Prints to order

 Choose an image from the Wheels Gallery. Email or phone for a qoute.


 Great Western Railways 2885 Class  2-8-0 
No. 3802

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Shadow Dragon     de Haviland Dragon and Mallard

Ferrari 750 Monza and Alfa Romero 8c 2.8 and a 2nd print of a Harley-Davidson lovers

  Ferrari 750 Monza and Alfa Romero 8c 2.8 above
  and below  'Lovers'. Harley-Davidson

  Wheels Gallery Limited edition Fine Art  Gicleé prints

  Please contact Bruce stating whether you wish for Archival
  Quality Paper or Canvas.

  Gicleé Canvas is only suitable for some images and,
  if suitable, are individually printed and priced.



"Painting a picture is like fighting a battle"
                                                               Winston Churchill

'The Duck'

P51 North American Mustang   VF-B
The Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon, London is to exhibit Bruce's painting
 ''The Duck'' next to their Mustang in the Milestones of Flight Aircraft Collection.
P-51 Mustang VF-B. Capt. Donald R. Emerson with Disney's Donald Duck
cartoon as it's full colour noseart. 7 e/a destroyed. 336 Squadron 4th FG. USAAF

The RAF Museum
Wings   Gallery Collectors 



The Public CatalogueFoundatio has partnered with the BBC to create 

Art UK

a unique website showcasing the entire collection of
publicly owned oil paintings across the United Kingdom. 

Bruce has his oil painting 'Digital Mayhem' and others
in the collection of the Royal Air Force Museum.




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'Painting is poetry that is seen
rather than felt, and poetry, painting that is felt
rather than seen.'

                                                                Leonardo da Vinci

Lie in the dark and listen

Lie in the dark and listen
It's clear tonight so they're flying high
Hundreds of them, thousands perhaps
Riding the icy, moonlit sky
Men, machinery, bombs and maps
Altimeters and guns and charts
Coffee, sandwiches, fleece-lined boots
Bones and muscles and minds and hearts
English saplings with English roots
Deep in the earth they've left below
Lie in the dark and let them go
Lie in the dark and listen.

Lie in the dark and listen
They're going over in waves and waves
High above villages, hills and streams,
Country churches and little graves
And little citizens' worried dreams
Very soon they'll have reached the sea
And far below them will lie the bays
And cliffs and sands where they used to be
Taken for summer holidays
Lie in the dark and let them go
Theirs is a world we'll never know
Lie in the dark and listen.

Lie in the dark and listen
City magnates and steel contractors
Factory workers and politicians
Soft hysterical little actors
Ballet dancers, reserved musicians
Safe in your warm civilian beds
Count your profits and count your sheep
Life is passing over your heads
Just turn over and try to sleep
Lie in the dark and let them go
There's one debt you'll forever owe
Lie in the dark and listen.

Noel Coward

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