Bruce is available for commissions, both corporate and private.

'I don't paint things,
I only paint the difference between things.'

                                                                                                    Henri Matisse

Should you wish to commission Bruce to produce an original painting to your own brief, view his gallery for ideas and then please consider the following.
  • How many vehicles/aeroplanes would you like in the painting and on what background?
  • Would you like the overall feel of the painting to have a cool or warm hue? Does the painting reflect a specific time of day or time of year or weather conditions ?
  • Would you like the painting to include any graphics or lettering such as vehicle numbers, client logo or  squadron markings?
  • Would you like the painting to include one or more portraits? Do you wish the painting to reflect a specific historic event?
  • Consider your specifications - size, landscape or portrait, paint medium (water color, gouache, oil or acrylic), on what would you like it painted - cartridge, water color paper, art board, canvas board or canvas on a stretcher?
  • If you decide on canvas would you want             

    The traditional with 3/4 inch / 20mm canvas depth ideal for traditional framing?

    b) The frameless style with 1.5-2.00 inch / 40-50mm canvas depth which requires no framing with the edges Colored or left as canvas white?
  • Bruce will produce a computer generated image to your specification for your approval for a small fee, and, if requested, produce a more specifically detailed image. Once these have been approved Bruce requests 25% of the quoted price as down payment. Prices generally range 950 GBP (US $1500) to 2000 GBP (US $3250) for an oil painting  on canvas of approx 26'' x 18'' depending on complexity of the composition.  


Bruce will remain in contact  throughout, providing digital  snapshots of the work in progress.

All enquiries are dealt with by Bruce himself. Please remember when Emailing or using  the phone that Florida is approximately 5 hours and California 8 hours behind GMT.

Although original paintings are normally sold excluding reproduction rights, Bruce is open to negotiation.

Shipping (UPS) costs not included in the price. Payment can be by PayPal or cheque.

'A painting speaks for itself.'
                                                                                                                Pablo Picasso

Contact by phone directly :

cell/mobile   +44 (0)7778 209 052       Studio:  +44 (0)1308 422 564

or Email:

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